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I really enjoyed Hormel's slow cooked pork with gravy (I used to use it with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut and a bit of paprika to come close to a German restaurant's dish that has since closed its doors), but for some reason it (and only it from their product line) has disappeared from the local grocery stores and yet Hormel's site says that's where to get it (ironically Walmart had it and they didn't list it at all as carrying their products locally). But what bothers me is when I tried to post a review of the product (mostly positive), they refused to post it claiming it somehow magically didn't meet their "website guidelines" even though my review pretty much said what I said above and gave the product itself good marks.

That is refused? Someone else posted a review claiming they couldn't find the product and they responded and appeared to be helpful so I thought I could review the product and get them to reply and/or look into why their product search up-to-date, but alas, they just refused it period and said Hasta La Vista. That royally ticks me off and frankly, I'm thinking perhaps Hormel has lost a customer for life. If they are so thin-skinned they can't take a criticism about their store finder feature without ditching a review with something "negative" in it, then in my opinion they are clearly NOT AN HONEST COMPANY.

I should be able to state my opinions positive or negative in a "review" without them refusing it utterly arbitrarily with absolutely no reason WHY they wouldn't post it. I'm guessing the really negative reviews of their products magically won't meet their "guidelines" and just disappear.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hormel Foods Food Review Listing.

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Sounds like you are just as thin-skinned as they are. You really rambled on and on over something so trivial?

Yes, some product finders aren't always accurate.

They don't come with a 100% guarantee. The company has more important stuff to do.

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