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My husband bought a spam from one of the local groceries in our place. upon opening the can he noticed some discoloration on the product.

He sliced it but when he smelled it -- it was rotten. It smells awful. So he took a picture and return to the can. Neither the product is not expired, use thru date is still January 2018, nor the can is not dented.

I filled out the Spam customer service form and filed the complaint but still no feedback yet. We regularly buy Spam twice a month because we love this product.

Hope you could give feedback the soonest. thanks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hormel Foods Spam Ham.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Preferred solution: replacement.

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the issue here is that air penetrated the contents of the can likely from rough handling and shipping. what i do is tap the top of the can with my finger nail and listen for a specific "hollow" sound that sounds different from a can that is vacuum sealed which doesnt sound hollow when tapped. this is a good method to do on all canned food products.


I once had a taste for SPAM and admired the fact that it came with its own key.

But the concept of canned meat became scary as I grew older, and now I'm on a seriously restricted diet that excludes high sodium. No more SPAM.

If you buy it twice per month since (when?) , I don't think I'd get seriously upset at one lousy can.

Three months is pretty close to the expiration date for things with a high moisture content. I think a little air was trapped in your can.

Always consider your source when buying canned products. Don't buy at cheapo discount stores or pharmacies.

Stay with your usual grocery retailer as long as it is functioning well otherwise. Look through the available cans and get the most remote expiration date that you can find.

I liked fried SPAM sandwiches and miss the occasional indulgence !

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